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Ice Cream

Ice Cream”, second single. The song deals with Mathis’s biggest passion: figure skating, and takes ice cream as a topic for the song as it was released during summer 2022. It is all about confidence – sometimes too much confidence – joy, cheers and fun. The song mentions some figure skating moves “inside three-turns, stroking, flip, double loop, waltz jump, lutz”. During the bridge section it is a question of people criticizing what one can do however “Hard to think about a life without you, so I’m just gonna close my eyes”, it is your passion and you shouldn’t be stopped because people have different opinions about it. The chorus mentions one of Mathis’s favorite moves: the forward lunge, “I’m lunging through my life all the way”, meaning they are going all the way in everything they like to do. A bop song with many synths and summer vibes. This song takes a lot of inspiration from BTS “Dynamite”.

100th Drug

100th Drug” is the first single part of the upcoming album "Gamme", released on the sixth of November, 2021. While composing the instrumental for the track, Mathis didn’t know what to express, but one day with some friends, one started to joke about a song dealing with alcohol. They took it very seriously and started writing lyrics for the song. It gives a sort of good vibe of summer nights, huge parties with lots and lots of drinks but at the same time, it shares a message to those who struggle. It is okay to get overwhelmed sometimes. Dealing with alcoholism can be tricky sometimes. “You believe I’m nothing ‘cause you’re gonna leave”, it is important sometimes to remind oneself that one isn’t nothing without addictions.

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