About Mathis Gamme

Mathis Gamme is a French vocalist and songwriter. "Flaws and imperfections in music are the spice of life for me." 

They started making covers of songs in August 2021 (Ariana Grande, BTS, and others) and debuted their original music on November 6, 2021, with their debut single "100th Drug", part of their upcoming album in 2022.

Growing up listening to Queen, and Michael Jackson, they fell in love with music and quickly felt the need to share and express their creativity in every possible form: cello, piano, painting, and singing. Nowadays they make music and figure skate to continue expressing their feelings and point of view.


You can contact me via this Google form or send me an email (only for professional inquiries):

Email : contact@mathisgamme.com

Remember I am on social media as well!

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